Flexible MICRO-ENDOSCOPY for spaces unreachable with current endoscopes
PRYFIBER aims to revolutionize diagnostic and interventional endoscopy and become the primary enabler of all precision procedures
Endoscopy is widely used for diagnostic and treatment purposes but is a complex procedure. Current endoscopes are too thick and/or inflexible to enter very small spaces like joints or winding lumina such as cardiac arteries and blood vessels in the brain.
The Pryfiber single multimode optical fibre (MMF) is an endoscope with only one optical fibre which allows for minimally invasive imaging due to an ultrathin diameter of <300 microns. The core innovation is an AI algorithm that enables real-time calibration of the endoscope during surgical or imaging procedures. The algorithm uses deep learning to reorganise the light that travels through the MMF, recreating accurate and useful images. Furthermore, this technology enables both microscopic high-resolution cellular imaging as well as standard endoscope tissue imaging.

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